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rom the health of our people and the research that unties the grips of disease, to preserving aquatic ecosystems…

When Lupus Awakens Telly Award Winner
The film profiles three women in short docu-drama style and reveals that lupus is a misunderstood disease, it has a destructive course and severely impacts the daily living and future of young women.

Portraits of Life: Diabetes Around the World Broadcast on CNN in 30 countries The documentary features the lifestyles of a pregnant Mexican woman, a child from Norway, a retired pilot living in Karachi, Pakistan and a native Washingtonian who are meeting the challenge of diabetes. Funded by the International Diabetes Federation and translated into French, Spanish and German, it is distributed still through IDF.

One Step Ahead: Antibiotic Resistance New York International Film Festival Award
Modern medicine's ability to control certain infectious diseases is under notable challenge. Discover how research is keeping humanity one step ahead of a catastrophic epidemic. The film uses the research environments to examine the most potent weapons in reducing the spread of disease with antibiotics.

CycleBeads, Natural and Effective Family Planning International New Product Launch

The Journey Forward Series Broadcast CNN, France and Switzerland
A series of major health productions produced in documentary-style and translated in three languages (English, French and Spanish) include: A Matter of Time: Alzheimer's Disease, a candid glimpse of the Alzheimer world and the race to improve the quality of life for millions; Partners in Health examines a unique health demonstration project in Brazil. Filming in San Paulo, Brazil and Bangkok, Thailand; The Turning Tide: Cancer covers developments in biotechnology, human genetics and molecular biology; The Balance of Life: Diabetes, living with diabetes, filmed in US and Germany; Vital Links, looks at women's health and Visions of Hope examines childhood diseases and vaccine technologies.

Drama and Education
To resolving human conflicts, educating young minds, and sharing corporate visions…

Body Armor (AIDS Prevention) CINDY Award
Two weeks on (4) locations in California, the production was shot in 16 mm and used (18) SAG actors and actresses. Created as a result of a Congressional mandate on AIDS in the military and sponsored by the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, this program is currently installed at military medical facilities, worldwide.

Vital Signs: Natural Family Planning National Health Information Award Productions developed for world populations served by Georgetown University's Institute for Reproductive Health and funded by U.S.A.I.D. cover natural family planning. Location shooting was done in the US, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile. Translated in English, Spanish and French.

Spots and PSAs
From helping hands to protecting our precious land…

Someone You Know Has Lupus PSA 2004 Gold Aurora Award, Gold Cine

Life's Choices PSA ABC, CNN, Fox and national cable stations

It’s About Time PSA National broadcast
Works sponsored by the Lupus Foundation of America features the Lupus Cohort Study at Johns Hopkins, a visit to Capitol Hill, and a glimpse into the life of actress and LFA spokesperson, Mary McDonough. Other productions include a VNR and PSA working with model/actress Tomika Frasier.

Alzheimer's Disease International PSAs Broadcast in 36 countries
Three Public Service Announcements were created to premiere on World Alzheimer's Day and launch a worldwide media campaign for Alzheimer's Disease International. In four languages and sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company.

Georgetown University Study VNR ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and affiliates; S. America

Science and Museum
To how animals think, the landscapes of time and views beyond the realms of the earth...

The Art of 21st Century Medicine Jade Award of Excellence
The program introduces the potential changes in health care as genome information is applied within the research environment. The target audience includes health and policy decision–makers, providers and interested academia. The CD program features Dr. Francis Collins of the Human Genome Project at NIH and used 3-D graphics, video and composite imaging. It was translated into French, Spanish and English for worldwide distribution.